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  • Surges

  • High Peak Power

  • Impulse Energy

Their unique design allows uniform distribution of energy throughout their structure which results in low thermal stress. The high-temperature, solvent-resistant epoxy coating carries a UL94V0 flammability rating which is suitable for almost any environment.​

  • Surges

  • High Peak Power

  • High Energy

The OX/OY Series of fixed ceramic resistors are ideal for circuitry associated with surges, high peak power or high energy. They offer enhanced performance in high voltage power supplies, R-C snubber circuits, and inrush limiters. The OX/OY resistors can often replace carbon composition resistors which can be difficult to source. The OX/OY series can handle 50 joules and 80 joules of energy for a single impulse respectively with high impulse voltage handling.

  • Anti Surge

  • High Voltage

  • Fusible Resistors

  • Pulse Protective

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  • ​High Surge Energy Rating

  • Compact Size

  • Custom Solution Available 

  • Typical application: Softstarting the DC link Capacitors in Switch Mode Power Supply, or Crowbar Dishcharge.

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